Before undergoing IVF treatment, patient’s psychological status is very important. Firstly they have to make up their mind then things become easier. Long duration of treatment and financial aspects are also disturbing. But most painful is the thought that what comes, as a natural phenomenon to others is not happening to them. It is also important to understand that the doctor, can only treat up to some extent, rest depends on luck. It may require more than one try, as the results are limited to 40% per cycle. Dedication, faith and trust on your doctor are must from the patient’s side. The patients must access their comfort level with the doctor, facilities at the clinic, results of the clinic and care by the staff and of course cost effectiveness, before choosing IVF clinic. Our counselors are well qualified to handle infertility patients, donors and surrogates and they understand our motto that the patient’s needs come first.

Services offered

Counseling the infertile patient

Family counseling

Psychological evaluation and counseling of donors and surrogates

Child counseling

Financial counseling

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