Today career and finances are important factors for family planning. Most young couples prefer to settle before starting a family and hence postpone their parenthood. But with growing age infertility increases and thus decreases the chances of pregnancy at later age.

But today with the help of advanced cryogenics and medical technology, couples can choose to save for the future. Freezing of gametes, testicular tissue and embryo has revolutionized ART for younger patients. Couples can now plan to have a family at a later age and cherish their parenthood wishes. Cryopreservation freezes the biological clock of cells in sperms and ovaries. So you need not worry about infertility as the frozen elements can be used for successfully inducing pregnancy at later age.

With results from frozen/ thawed embryo transfer being about 47%, our cryopreservation program has been ranked as one of the best in India. Rainbow IVF is a recognized ART bank and offer Sperm, Egg and Embryo banking facilities.

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