Dr. Jaideep Malhotra

MBBS (Obs & Gyane), MD FICMCH, FIAJAGO, FICOG, MASRM, FICMU President - ASPIRE (Asia Pacific Intitative On Reproduction)
Dr Jaideep Malhotra is the first Indian and the first ever woman to be elected to this International body.

  ART is for the masses  

DR JAIDEEP MALHOTRA completed her MBBS and MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology) from Jawaharlal Medical College, Aligarh. Her academic journey has been a never-ending one. She went ahead and trained herself in ultrasound procedures from Sin- gapore, endoscopy from Germany and ART training from various renowned centers of the world. Even now she doesn’t leave a chance or opportunity to learn and observe anything related to her subjects of choice. After having trained for endoscopy, choosing the field of infertility was the next natural step for her. In 1995 she entered in this field. At that time only few centers in India were offering these serv- ices. But distant centers and high cost of the treat- ment were a big challenge and deterred the patients. So she did take the bold decision of starting ART unit at their existing premises of Malhotra Nursing Home and it was called Malhotra Test Tube Baby Centre. Though it was one of the most challenging decision, as providing these services in a tier-2 city without easy accessibility to drugs, disposables and trained personnel was very difficult. But she asked her friend Dr Jatin Shah from Mumbai to help her establish this unit. Her motto is to make ART acces- sible to the masses, and it picked up very fast, only because of good results and low cost. The unit pro- duced all the firsts IVF, ICSI, TESA, twins and triplets of the state.

Her motivation is her patients. It gives her great sat- isfaction, when she takes on a challenge and deliv- ers. She believes Infertility is a challenge beyond normal challenges, as doctors are fighting against the nature and success rates for the procedures are also low. It is a problem which starts early in life and couples start struggling soon after marriage and to be able to help them in this distressing lifetime jug- gle is satisfying indeed.

Dr Jaideep says there are many myths associated with infertility and its treatment. People fear that if they come to ART specialist they will land up in IVF. Because of that many people still go to alternative medicine practitioners. But this fear is totally base- less. She says that 15% of our population is infertile and most of them can get benefit from drugs and endoscopy, very few about 5% will actually require IVF. Then they also think that in IVF, the sperm and the eggs are not theirs. Slowly and slowly relevant knowledge is being disseminated and understand- ing of people is improving. Society is now easily ac- cepting the IVF treatment.

Dr Jaideep says not many risks are associated with the procedure. Problems only arise when patients don’t get the right advice at the right time. Some of the common risks are hyper stimulation, multiple pregnancies, ectopic and abortions. She believes premature ovarian failure, decreased ovarian reserve and many financial and psychological and social burdens make situation more difficult.

Unexplained Infertility, according to her, is to some extent still not unexplained as IVF can sort out many problems but one thing which really is unex- plained is the implantation.

At Rainbow IVF centre they have holistic approach towards treatment and work on all aspects of treat- ment including psychological, financial and social. They also conduct counseling for family members along with both partners.

Patients are subjected to minimum investigations with maximum information. Facilities like 4D ultra- sound, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and all modalities of ART, including blastocyst culture, laser assisted hatching, great cryopreservation program all are available under one roof. They give special attention to male factor assessment with the facility of Rain- bow Sperm 360, which includes CASA, DFI, and other sperm function tests.

They also take care of emotional needs of a patient. The centre has a 24-hour helpline to assist patients at any time. Her advice is that the needy couples should not hesitate to visit the IVF specialist. Other- wise counseling, small investigations, sorting out the queries in mind and dealing with myths is taken care of.

Before undergoing IVF treatment, patient’s psycho- logical status is very important. Firstly they have to make up their mind then things become easier. Long duration of treatment and financial aspects are also disturbing. But most painful is the thought that what comes as a natural phenomenon is not hap- pening to them. It is also important to understand that the doctor can only treat up to some extent, rest depends on luck. It may require more than one try, as the results are limited to 40% per cycle. Dedica- tion, faith and trust on your doctor are must from the patient’s side.

The patients must access their comfort level with the doctor, facilities at the clinic, results of the clinic and care by the staff and of course cost effective- ness, before choosing IVF clinic.

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