Oocyte and Embryo Storage

As the ovarian reserves tend to cease with age, many women choose to freeze their eggs in advance for a pregnancy at later stage. Even if the quantity does not decrease, the quality of ova produced decreases with growing age and thus decreases the chances of conceiving. Ova and embryo produced earlier can be frozen and used to induce pregnancy at later stages of life.

Cryopreservation freezes the biological clock and thus allows it to be used later. Our fertility clinic conducts numerous checks to ensure that only quality ova and embryo are frozen to be used later in life. We also conduct a freeze and thaw cycle test to check whether they survive thawing process and are good enough to be used later.

For donor programs we conduct thorough screening to check for chromosomal abnormalities, genetic diseases and other disorders that may get transferred to offspring. We strive to ensure that only quality ova and embryo free from all disorders is delivered to our patients.

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