Infertility is a major health concern and the WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that one in every six couples suffer from infertility. Many of them fail to conceive even after trying for a year or more. Although the real reason for such infertile condition cannot always be determined as sometimes the reasons for infertility can be quite simple but at times can be rather unexplained.

Today more and more couples are delaying their parenthood to settle their careers and finances giving rise to age related infertility. With age the quality and number of eggs available in the ovaries decrease. Thus with shrinking ovarian reserves, the fertility rates among the women over the age of 35 tend to decrease. While stress in today's lifestyle can also affect the quality of sperms in males, making it difficult to conceive and induce pregnancy.

Lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking affects the fertility in both men and women. A study conducted at Harvard University among couples undergoing IVF treatment found that women who consumed more than six units of alcohol a week were 18% less likely to conceive. And similarly in men, more than two alcoholic drinks a day can affect testosterone levels, semen volume, sperm count and quality. Smoking is also a concern as the risk of infertility among smokers can be twice as high as that of non-smokers.

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