At Rainbow IVF, based on our counselling results we conduct multiple tests to diagnose the extent of infertility and successively determine the type of treatment needed. A semen morphology test reveals the volume and quality of sperms. It provides the details of size and shape of head; degree of nuclear vacuolation; size of persistent (residual) Cytoplasmic droplet; mid-piece defects and tail defects.

But only sufficient volume and adequate quality does not gauruntee conception. It is necessary for a sperm to reach the oocyte with intact DNA for successful conception. So we conduct a DNA fragmentation test to check the extent of DNA damage in sperms. Apart from these we also conduct other tests including viscocity, zinc and fructose content, nucleoprotein, membrane analysis and a few others to accurately determine the reason for infertility and to further prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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