At Rainbow IVF, we found that almost 50% of our infertility cases have been due to male problems. The problems are caused by sperm disorders - either very less in quantity or inadequate in quality.

Unlike females, males ejaculate millions of sperm cells at a time. In a sample of 1 ml semen, the sperm count of a minimum 20 million is desired for fertilization. But in case of inadequate quality, even the adequate volume can pose difficulties in conceiving. In terms of quality, the mobility and condition of sperm are the important criteria. Almost half of the sperms in a sample shall be mobile and one-third shall be in normal condition for facilitating conception.

This kind of disorder may arise simply due to lifestyle choices or due to genetic reasons. Studies have proved that drinking and smoking affect the semen volume, sperm count and sperm quality. While stress is also a factor in many cases. Age is usually perceived to be a factor affecting infertility in women but it also affects men and men over the age of 40 have a higher risk of producing children with abnormalities.

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