Pregnancy Guide

Having a baby is exciting as well as demanding, worrying and yet emotionally fulfilling. There is now plenty of opportunity to read about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood and talk to friends or professional advisers. Efficient methods and techniques help with pain and any problems during labor. Best is to be optimistic, realistic, and retain your sense of humor as you approach this fascinating and very important moment of your lives.  

Taking the trouble to prepare in advance and plan your future can never be more important than when you are having a baby. A little forethought can reduce your worries during pregnancy and months of baby care lying ahead. Think about your welfare as a family and especially about what you can do to give your baby the best possible start. Having children is a privilege and it enriches your life as a couple in many ways; but children do bring obligations and responsibilities.

You should discuss as a couple how you think your lifestyles may be affected by pregnancy and baby talk with friends who have been though this. Being three is never the same as being two. Your relationships and personal freedom change and you will both need to adjust and think about the future.

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