Success stories

I would not hesitate to recommend Rainbow IVF to anyone who is considering egg donation abroad and would be happy to speak to anyone who needs any further information.

After trying for a few years to conceive with no success and being at advanced maternal stage I researched egg donation and realised that India was the most obvious choice in terms of cost and access to numerous donors of the same ethnic background.

After speaking with Dr Jaideep Malhotra a few times, I felt confident and went ahead with treatment in India. In the early stages, I received a list of potential donors who matched my blood type and specifications. Other options discussed regrading the procedure, were whether to undertake the entire treatment under  Dr Malhotra's care in India or to have my obstetrician in Australia. Since I didn't want to be away from home for such a long time, I chose to go with my obstetrician. Dr Malhotra sent me a very thorough treatment plan so that I could be treated by my own specialist.

My husband was able to travel at his own convenience to provide his sample which was frozen. And I travelled to India on fifteenth day of my cycle and on day 17 I had my embryo transferred. The treatment turned out to be a success! I am now pregnant.

One of the reasons I feel this treatment was so successful was the very relaxed and non- stressful process from start to finish. I was able to contact Dr Jaideep at regular intervals and was always given time over the phone.

Since day one I was confident with the clinic and all it's processes. It had a very organic and personal approach which I found lacking in many other clinics that I had contacted. I would not hesitate to recommend Rainbow IVF to anyone who is considering egg donation abroad and would be happy to speak to anyone who needs any further information.

My child is my most prized possession and I can’t thank you and the whole team enough for everything you’ve done. Looking at my child everyday and seeing the smile fills my heart with happiness and content and words can’t express this feeling I’m sure you understand.

Patient 1032 came to us Last march with infertility for 5 years, she had undergone various procedures ranging from multiple IUIs to 3 ICSI cycles atvarious centers in INDIA. She was labeled as a case of unexplained infertility ather previous center.

When she came to us it was found that she had a good antral follicle count and her ovarian reserve was adequate. Tubes were patent andthere was no history of any underlying pathology. The Male was also examined thoroughly semen parameters were normal and he only had history of smoking for the past 10 years. Looking at all this we advised him to undergo a DNA fragmentation test at our center. Our expert andrologists prepared and analyzed the sample and it was found that he had a DFI(DNA Fragmentation Index) of 55% (which is way above the normal accepted 25 % range). The patient was put on antioxidant therapy for three months and came back for an ICSI cycle. We Retrieved 10 COC’c out of which 8 MII oocytes were injected the remaining 2 were GV’s and were In-vitro matured and frozen. From the 8 MII oocytes 6 embryo were Grade 1 and 2 were grade 2. They were followed up to blastocyst stage and we got 2 4AA blastocysts, 1 3AB blastocyst and an early blast on Day 5. 2 4AA blastocysts were transferred and the rest were frozen. She was given some luteal phase support and was called on day 14 for a Pregnancy test. She underwent a pregnancy test and to everyones delight she was pregnant.

But the battle wasn’t over yet as mostly such cases have a history of missed abortions and recurrent pregnancy loss. Our excellent OB/GYN department monitored her and followed her progress diligently. Mid December she felt some discomfort in her abdomen she came for a routine check up. She was admitted in the hospital for follow-up. She developed labour pains that night and at 2 AM gave birth to her beautiful child. She was discharged the next day with her baby.

A Baby after 7 ½ years of Infertility

She came to us after suffering from infertility for 7 1/2 years, and trying natural conception and IUIs at different centers for 3 years straight. The husband had a sperm morphology testing done and was found to be a case of Globozoospermia.

He was refused treatment from many centers and came to us. Globozoospermia is a rare genetic condition in which the sperm heads are round and lack acrosome cap. Patients suffering from globozoospermia can’t conceive naturally as the acrosome cap, which is essential for penetrating the egg is absent in these cases. Even IVF is of no use in such cases but ICSI has proven to be an effective modality for treatment. There is an increased risk of transmiting the disorder to a male child. In this case the husband had a y chromosome inversion and the couple underwent rigorous genetic counseling. They decided for ICSI at our center. First cycle 8 M2 were found but embryo quality wasn’t great they still opted for a transfer and as expected came back negative. Second cycle out of 10 M2’s 7 embryos were formed out of which 3 were grade 1. 2 embryos were transferred and to everyones delight she came back positive. She was explained the risks of pregnancy loss in such cases and sent back with luteal phase support. She is now 7 months into her pregnancy and happily awaiting the birth of her first child.

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