Gestational Surrogacy

Women with severe defects or damage to the uterus cannot conceive. It may be due to uterine anomalies like severe congenital hypoplasia, rudimentary uterus or uterine damage - severe ashermans’ syndrome, post infections, post trauma and sometimes women suffer from medical conditions precluding pregnancy. In such case surrogacy provides them a mean to have their biological child. By undergoing ovarian stimulation, harvesting of her eggs fertilized with her husband’s sperms, the resulting embryos are transferred into another woman’s uterus. This person bears the pregnancy till term and delivers a child biologically belonging to the infertile couple.

The surrogate mother is medically screened for infectious diseases before undergoing the preparatory procedures for recipient of embryo transfer. We have a full-facilitated surrogate home with all amenities, staff and visiting doctors to ensure their comfort during pregnancy. We provide periodical updates on surrogate's progress and also have the provision of skype sessions.

Medico-legal and social issues need to be resolved before surrogacy is considered. In India, the birth certificate is issued under the names of genetic/biological/intended parents. However for foreigners who want to take their baby back home they should refer to this letter about Surrogacy Issues Involving Foreigners. We can also help by providing a contact with experienced lawyer to get through the paperwork. For foreign patients we provide guidance to correspond with their respective consulates and help them with the required paperwork.

The ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) has formulated guidelines for supervising operations of Assistive Reproduction Clinics and the guidelines can be found on the Official Website (Chapter 3). Rainbow IVF is a enrolled clinic and our operations are as per the guidelines formulated by the ICMR.

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